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Updating Your Contact Information Change your contact information as well as preferences. Shortcuts Easily access your cPanel by adding cPanel shortcuts to your desktop or browser's bookmarks toolbar. Subdomains Learn all about creating and managing subdomains. Redirects Learn how to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page with redirects Site Software Blogs, Bulletin Boards, CMS, Chat, Ecommerce, and more! SSH/Shell Access Manage your SSH keys to allow automation when logging in via SSH. Web Disk Easily drag and drop files to your hosting account. Email Accounts Manage the email accounts associated with your domain(s). Forwarders Send a copy of all mail from one email address to another. Auto Responders Send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a certain account. Mailing Lists Send messages to a large group of people.
Using Email Change Style A quick guide on changing the look and feel of cPanel to fit your personal style. My SQL A guide to creating and modifying MySQL databases in cPanel. MySQL Wizard Create and manage MySQL databases with this step by step wizard. Addon Domains Learn about creating and managing addon domains. Parked Domains Learn about creating and managing parked domains. Change Password Change the main password for your account. Password Protect Directories Learn how to limit access to a certain part of your site by requiring a user name and password to access a folder or folders from the web. GnuPG Keys Generate or import GnuPG Keys to encrypt messages using a "public key" that can only be decrypted by a "private key", which is retained by the intended recipient of the message. Hotlink Protection Prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website. IP Deny Manager Block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site. File Manager Quickly manager all of your files with the new File Manager. Ftp Accounts Access your web site's files through a protocol called FTP.
Video Tutorials (Using your control panel)